Machine Simulator Equipment 

The Mechanized Harvesting Lab has one John Deere frame simulator, one Ponsse frame simulator, and 10 John Deere desktop simulators. We have the capacity for virtual 3D visualization in addition to traditional viewing screens. The simulators have interchangeable controls that permit simulation of both wheeled cut-to-length forest harvesting systems and tracked full-tree systems. The John Deere system includes a terrain editor that can be used to quickly generate a 3D simulation of the terrain and to populate it with a variety of stand conditions, roads, and other features. The desktop simulators are portable and can be taken on the road for workshops and off-campus classes.

Supporters of the Mechanized Harvesting Lab

Associated Oregon Loggers

John Deere

John and Judith Sessions


OSU College of Forestry

Collaboration with the OSU Research Forest Student Logging Crew

The OSU student logging crew operates on the OSU McDonald and Dunn Research Forest. The crew is trained and managed by Jeffrey Wimer, and uses both cable and ground-based forest harvesting equipment. The Mechanized Harvesting Laboratory has successfully partnered with the OSU student logging crew to complete research projects including harvesting system design and performance. The OSU student logging crew provides valuable experiential learning opportunities for the student loggers, extension programs, and other classes who are able to work with the loggers during lab activities.